Nestled in the trees along the banks of the beautiful Bow River is a small piece of Heaven,  Angel's Cappuccino & Ice Cream Cafe.


Angels' Cappuccino & Ice Cream Cafe is a friendly place to stop, grap a refreshment and enjoy the beauiful river.  We offer a large outdoor patio, decorated with gorgous flowers, with plenty of comfortable seating.  We also provide indoor seating with a spectacular view of the river, ideal for the cooler days. 


Hours Open

Late spring and summer
10:00am- 9:00pm
(weather & staff permitting) 

Fall and Winter
(Closed for temperatures below -10 C )

Angel's is the perfect place to meet with friends for lunch,  relax and enjoy the natural beauty or stop to pick up a snack or a refreshment as you walk along the River Pathway.  Whether you are looking for a hot drink on a cold day or a refreshment during the summer - Angel's has something just for you.  We invite you to view our complete menu.

Our Menu


Gateway to Heaven

Spiritually Sweet Chili Chicken Wrap $9.95 
Sinfully Spicy Chicken Wrap $9.95 
Paradise Found Veggie Wrap $9.95          (V)
Devilish Egg & Angelic Shrimp Sandwich $9.95(GF)
Fresh Daily Deli Sandwich $7.95(GF)  (V)
Soulful Soup & Sandwich Special $12.95
Soulful Soup & 1/2 Sandwich Special $9.95
Soulful Soup with Bun $7.95
Bountiful Bisque with Bun $9.95
Sweet Chilli Chicken Nacho Platter $12.95
1/2 Order Nacho Platter $9.95

Garden of Eden (Summer Only)

Gabriel’s Seasonal Salad $10.50(GF)  (V)
Raphael’s Cloud #9 Salad $10.95(GF)  (V)
Sensational Caesar Salad $ 9.95 
Nutts About You Salad $12.95(GF)  (V)

Little Angel Menu

Mini Me Hot Dog $2.50(GF)
PB&J with Veggies $7.95(GF)  (V)
Chicken Fingers w. Veggies $8.95 

Grilled to Perfection

Smokin Smoky $5.95(GF)
Jumbo Hotdog $4.95(GF)
Hot & Heavenly Juicy Burger $6.95(GF)
6oz Steakhouse Burger $10.95(GF)
Cooked to Perfection Chicken Burger $7.95 
Award Winning Veggie Burger $8.95(GF)  (V)
Burgers Incl. Onions, Lettuce, Tomatoes   
Extra toppings Avail. with Appreciation   
Toasted BLT Sandwich $8.95(GF)
Tuna or Crab Melt with Veggies $12.95(GF)
Favorite Grilled Cheese Sandwich $5.95(GF)

Morning Prayers (Served till Noon)

Smilin’ Sunrisers Breakfast Wrap $9.95          (V)
Blushing Eggs Benedict $12.95(GF)  (V)
Half order Eggs Benedict $8.95(GF)  (V)
Fantastic French Toast $12.95          (V)
Fabulous Belgian Waffles $12.95          (V)
Tantililizing Two Egg Breakfast $10.95(GF)  (V)
Angel Wing Toast $3.00          (V)
Heavenly Breakfast on a Bun (ALL DAY) $6.95(GF)  (V)

Hugs for your Soul

Meditation Chai Latte $3.95$4.25 
Enticing Espresso – Long Shot $2.75 
Clarity Cappuccino $3.95$4.25 
Latte of the Light $3.95$4.25 
Healing Hot Chocolate $2.00  $2.50  $3.50 
Serenity Steamers $2.50$3.50 
Devilishly Hot Apple Cider $2.50 
Classic Herb Tea $2.50 
You & Me Pot of Tea $5.00 
Café House Coffee $1.50   $1.75$2.25 
Miraculous Moccachino $5.95
Luscious London Fog $4.25 

Quench your Thirst

Bottled Water $1.75  $2.50 
Canned Soda $1.75 
Canned Juices $2.25 
Ice Frappe $5.95 
Pop Floats $5.50 
Iced Fruit Smoothies $6.50 
V8 Juice $2.50 
Coconut Water $3.00 
Milk to GO $2.50 
Powerades $3.75 
Energy Drinks $3.95

Heavenly Desserts to Live For

Check out our Showcase Selection (Gluten Free available)  
Large Selection of Ice Cream bars & Popcicles;  Check Angel's for selection & appreciation

Ice Cream Cone

Baby $2.00
Child $2.50
Single $4.00
Double $5.00

We are very proud of our affordable, yet high quality, service for all pathway users.   We invite you to drop by and join the great community that Angels' Cappuccino & Ice Cream Cafe has to offer.

We would love to hear from you.

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